Thursday, 5 September 2013

1st Learning Reflection

My experience for this course is indeed exciting, yet also challenging and very engaging. To start with, I  had to create and open new platforms such as blog which I had never used below. I was helped my  knowledge of using the net but of course it took time as at times I missed important stages and had to start the whole process all over again. This was like what educationist refer to as "prior learning" as I relied so much on whatever little I knew about creating platforms such as twitter. My adobe flash was also not active and could not view and listen to videos until just this afternoon. I almost gave in but remembered that perseverance can make one soar like eagles - hence I toiled on until I managed to install it. Now i can easily follow the lessons. Despite the challenges I was excited and humbled by the interactivity displayed by participants and the wealth of knowledge on creative commons that was even displayed and shared by Bishop Emeritus Tutu and the wonders that creative commons can do such as knowledge and information sharing, contributing your thoughts, empowering others through creative commons and how one can easily become a "global citizen" by using creative commons. #OCL4ED

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  1. Mmabaledi: I am so glad you stuck it out. I totally understand how deep the frustation can be. I am still figuring out how to use my blog. By perservering as individuals, we become stronger parts of the community. That's the lesson I take from your story of how difficult setting up the course has been for you. ~Judith Westley - #OCL4Ed