Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Session 5 Reflection!!

This has been a very relevant session.......right from the video presentation by Francis on open schooling to the very end. The session helped me appreciate that from OERs we can get the best study materials and that through collaboration we can go though  even the impassable terrains of Africa.I appreciated initiatives such as COMOSA that encourage collaboration between institutions. Creative commons can also enhance networking between individuals, institutions and even states as people engage with each others' content and other creations. I learnt about the different freedoms that one needs to appreciate in the world of OERs as well as what each of these freedoms mean - a great eye opener for me! I then appreciated the idea of being a willing giver, as yu a always will to take from others! In other words to have a sharing spirit to bring the best out of each one of us. The session on technology was also great as it advocated for integrating different media. This can facilitate easier comprehension of concepts usually not easy to explain eve in a lecturer room using a conventional education system.The presentations by Francis and Chris, I'm tempted to say - were the best!! And truly so as they closed this par of the chapter, with hope of more still to come!! 

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  1. I like your ideas of different media - for me the book is dead info - the nest the phone the chat is living, when the image moves, the world is remade - I think education is moving beyond dead words from old men to listening to others from other cultures places, times and genders - and taking what they say seriously to build a new tomorrow of equality, reciprocity and freedom #OCL4Ed