Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Case Study!

Like all other reflective tasks, the case study was also a force to reckon with! There were lots of unexpected surprises. For me I take that this is a challenge to read more extensively on copyright and on all the issues related to intellectual property rights. The challenge, for instance, was on instances that I thought copy right would be required and the opposite will turn out to be true!! For instance, I had thought Theresa Brown could not use her slide show as it was based on a published work, though her original work. However, the answer given was in the affirmative that she could actually use her slides. My thinking was she would need consent from the journal to use the slides that were based on a journal article!! This shows that for copyright issue one cannot depend on guessing, but need to read broadly and engage other scholar on this hot issue of copyright and intellectual property rights. #ocl4ed

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